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So, How do you succeed?

Firstly, take your time in setting up your store. Ask lots of questions, so our team can develop your understanding. Think about how you will pack and ship, and how you will handle refunds and exchanges. Your normal terms and conditions may need a tweak if it is your first time online.
Preparation at the beginning saves a lot of hassle later.
Then, make sure you are ready to share every product you post on the Shop My Town Ipswich site. Use your custom URL in all your social posts to drive traffic, and tag our @shopipswich hashtag. And don’t forget to pop in a thank you note to drive those Insta shares of your product.

Fees & Costs

How do you compare the program?

We have a flat monthly fee of $9.95.
Your marketing transaction fee is 5% plus 30 cents per sale.
So if you don’t sell any product, you gained a boost to your online presence for $9.95 monthly.
We are 30% minimum cheaper than eBay, and we actually market you back to the community.
Shipping is charged to the clients , and that is sent to you with the goods payment. If you need a special shipping arrangement, please get in touch.

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