Privacy Policy


Shop My Town Ipswich cares about your privacy and is committed to ensuring the fair and appropriate handling of your personal information. 


This Privacy Policy explains how we handle your personal information, whether you are an online shopper, a local business client or you are simply reviewing what we have to offer.


Shop My Town Ipswich applies the privacy principles set out in Australia’s Privacy Act 1988. The privacy principles guide how we collect and manage your personal information, including (but not limited to):

  • Ensuring you understand how we collect and handle your personal information
  • Collecting only the personal information we need to provide our services
  • Using and disclosing personal information only as part of providing our services (and that’s it), and
  • Taking reasonable steps to keep the personal information we have secure.


Personal information:

Personal information is information that identifies you (or could reasonably lead to you being identified).  The types of personal information we hold depends on our relationship with you. Generally, it is about:


Our website visitors 

When you submit a request for us to contact you, we have your contact details so that we can be in touch.


Subscribers to our news feeds or other information channels 

When you sign up to receive our news and updates, we have your contact details so that we can supply you with the content you have requested.


Our shoppers

We have your name, contacts details, shopping preferences (e.g. Wishlist items) and purchase history so we can provide you with our online marketplace services and communicate with you.  Although we do keep details of the orders you place (e.g. items purchased, date and whether payment was successful), we do not retain financial information (e.g. credit card details) about our shoppers.  Financial information is managed through our secure payment provider.


Our prospective stores 

Where you apply to register your shop on our website, we have your contact details and are working with you to understand your business and products.


Our stores 

We have your contact details, we have details relating to your business and products, and we have transactional information relating to payments requested and/ or made for our services.  


Our relationship with stores is of a business nature. When interacting with businesses, generally the only personal information we collect is contact details (e.g. name, email address and telephone number) for the shopkeeper.



Collecting personal information:

We collect personal information when you:

  • Purchase items from our website
  • Add items from our website to a wish list
  • Register your store on our website
  • Send us an email
  • Fill out a form (online or on paper) 
  • Answer questions that we ask verbally
  • Sign up to receive our e-newsletter or other promotional materials, and 
  • Contact us via social media.




Some of the personal information collected via our Shop My Town Ipswich website will rely on you to ensure its accuracy.  We encourage you to review your account details regularly to ensure they remain up to date.


Before we use your personal information, we may need to double check with you to make sure it is accurate, complete and up to date. For example, if you have asked us to follow up on delivery of an item you’re expecting by post, we will need to confirm your delivery address.



What we do with personal information, and who we give it to:

We use your personal information to:

  • Create your account 
  • Provide our online marketplace services to you 
  • Send you a confirmation email of your purchase/order details
  • Respond to questions you ask us
  • Communicate with you using the method nominated by you (e.g. email)
  • Send you important information about your account with Shop My Town Ipswich 
  • Send you Shop My Town Ipswich news, updates or promotional information that you signed up for
  • Investigate and respond to a complaint made by you, and
  • Register your store on the Shop My Town Ipswich website (if you are a shopkeeper).


When you purchase an item on our website, we provide your personal information (such as name, items purchased and delivery details) to the relevant store for the delivery of your purchase. 


Shop My Town Ipswich will not sell or share your personal information with advertisers, sponsors, content providers or anyone else – unless:

  • We have your express permission, or
  • There is a lawful ability or requirement for us to do so.



Keeping your personal information safe:

At Shop My Town Ipswich, we securely manage and dispose of personal information whether it is held in hard copy or electronic format and whether it is stored on-site or in ‘the cloud’.  


Shop My Town Ipswich engages service providers to assist with our business, and we subscribe to social media feeds, as follows:


Service providers:

We use contracted service providers to help us manage aspects of our business.  Shop My Town Ipswich contracts the following service providers:

  • Alibaba Cloud: to manage our website
  • Webkul Marketplace: to manage our online marketplace
  • Stripe Payments: for secure processing of payments.  We note that Stripe Payments is PCI DSS compliant and adheres to the international PCI Data Security Standards
  • HubSpot Marketplace: for business analytics and content push to social media.


It is a condition of our agreements with these providers that Shop My Town Ipswich remains in control of what happens to the personal information they manage on our behalf and that it is kept secure.


Links to third-party websites

Our website ( contains links to third-party websites and services, such as the websites of the stores we host.  Before following a link to these websites, we encourage you review their privacy policies. You can do this safely by opening a new tab in your web browser. Most stores or other third-party websites will display their privacy policies in the bottom navigation menu (look for: ‘Privacy’, ‘Legal’, ‘Terms & Privacy’ or similar).


Social media:

Shop My Town Ipswich operates various social media accounts, such as Shop My Town Ipswich’s Facebook account and our @shopmytownau (Instagram) account.  Those with an interest may choose to engage with us using such media.


At present, Shop My Town Ipswich only ‘pushes’ information (about our products and services) out via social media. We never, ever, share details about you on our social media accounts without your permission, and we do not ‘tag’ you in anything that we post (you may, however, choose to ‘tag’ yourself or otherwise share information about yourself in that environment). 


Before you send us information via any social media account, including through the available chat and comments functions, please be aware that personal information supplied to us through or posted by us on any social media outlet becomes captured by that outlet’s privacy policy. As such, you may choose not to share your personal information with us in that way. 


Our social media accounts have links to our website ( which you may use to directly access our online market place platform.  For your privacy and security, we do not offer the option for you to log in to your Shop My Town account using your social media account log-ins.  



Protection of your personal information from unauthorised access and disclosure is a priority for Shop My Town Ipswich. Any concerns about the security of personal information held by us should be reported to us without delay: 


Post: Suites 10 & 11, 46 Nicholas Street, Ipswich 4305


Phone: 0478430535




Accessing and changing personal information we have about you:

If we hold personal information about you, we are happy to tell you what it is. We will not, however, tell someone else what personal information we hold about you (unless you permit us or there is a lawful ability or requirement for us to do so). 


Making changes to your account information held by Shop My Town Ipswich is easy… Simply log-in to your account and make your desired changes there. If you are unable to do this, or if you are not an account holder (but you think we hold personal information about you that requires correcting) please let us know. We will do our utmost to assist you:


Post: Suites 10 & 11, 46 Nicholas Street, Ipswich 4305


Phone: 0478430535



Users of Shop My Town Ipswich can use a real name, or a nickname, we don’t mind. However, you will be unable to use our online marketplace services without giving us sufficient (and correct) details as to who you are.  These details ensure you can make payment for purchases through our secure payment gateway, communicate with us regarding your purchases and ensure your purchased item(s) can be delivered to you.




Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data that our website ( asks your browser to store on your PC, laptop, smartphone or other device. Cookies act like signposts, markers or tiny pieces of memory that enable us to give you the best experience possible when visiting our website.  Cookies on our website are managed by our contracted service provider, HubSpot Marketplace.


How are cookies used by Shop My Town Ipswich? 

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible when visiting our website and using our online marketplace.  Using cookies, allows our website to recognise your device and automatically set your preferences, even if you leave and return to the platform at a later time.  Your personal preferences that are identified may include preferences such as web page display, purchasing preferences, and ensuring items stay in your shopping basket or Wishlist (e.g. when you click on a third-party website link and then come back, or if you log-off the platform and return later to complete your shopping).  


Our website uses two types of cookies, essential cookies and non-essential cookies. 

  • Essential cookies deployed by the Shop My Town Ipswich website are a combination of plain and encrypted text stored on your device and, when you access, they allow the website to recognise your device and provide you with specific content or services. They cannot replicate (i.e., make copies of themselves), execute pre-programmed functions, browse your device directories or otherwise fish for or seek out your personal information. The files are unable to scan, copy, read or retrieve your personal information.
  • Non-essential cookies allow us to remember visitors to our website. They allow the platform to understand your preferences and tailor our online marketplace to suit your needs.  More information about this can be found in Analytics, below.


Do I have to allow the use of cookies?

No. However, the use of essential cookies by Shop My Town Ipswich supports your use of our website, and disabling our ability to deploy them may prevent you from using our site with ease. 


If you wish to disable, delete, prevent or clear either essential or non-essential cookies, you can follow the instructions available on your web browser




Shop My Town Ipswich uses HubSpot Analytics (through HubSpot Marketplace) for professional marketing.  Analytical tools gather anonymous information about visitors to our website. This helps us monitor and improve the website and improve your user experience.

HubSpot Analytics uses cookies and JavaScript code to gather information about how visitors use our website; such as, the number of visitors we receive, the type of web browser used and which of our pages were viewed. 

If you do not wish to allow HubSpot to collect or use this information on our behalf, you can clear cookies in your browser, use a private browser such as Chrome’s Incognito Mode or Firefox’s Private Browsing feature, or alternatively install a browser add-on such as Ghostery



Updates to the Privacy Policy

We may update this document from time to time to ensure that our personal information handling practices are correctly reflected. This may occur without notice to shoppers or website visitors; however, we will always post a “last revised” date for your information.



Any questions or concerns?

If you have a question about our Privacy Policy or a concern about our personal information handling practices, please be in touch! 


Post: Suites 10 & 11, 46 Nicholas Street, Ipswich 4305


Phone: 0478430535